8 Beautiful New Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

The Easter bunny has hidden enough plain, ol’ boring eggs, thank you very much. Swap the traditional dye job for one of these creative twists and your basket will steal Sunday’s show. These are more like little masterpieces.

1. Emoji Eggs

Why not wear your emotions on your sleeves — or in this case, on your eggs? These emoji eggs are the best way to tell your Easter visitors how you feel: Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes? Loudly Crying Face? Or Relieved Face?

2. Balloon Eggs

Make Easter a celebration with these party favorites, made by dyeing the egg and attaching a similarly colored balloon knot to the bottom

3. Ombré Eggs

Alison Gootee/Studio D

A gradual gradient takes a little planning. Start out with six different glasses before carefully counting the drops of dye.

4. Ice Cream Eggs

Kara’s Party Ideas

Not everyone like hard-boiled eggs, but these dessert-themed shells are a universal crowd-pleaser.

5. Calligraphy Eggs

Oh Happy Day

Writing in cursive on a curved surface isn’t easy. The secret? Print out pretty penmanship on tattoo paper and adhere.

6. Flower Crown Eggs

Flax & Twine

Skip dying and painting and outfit boho eggs with headbands made of baby’s breath.

7. Natural Eggs

Joy Ever After

Flip the typical egg-decor script and keep the earthy brown tone. Then get creative with a white paint pen.

8. Piñata Eggs

A Subtle Revelry

Layer colorful crepe paper strips to create eggs that come dressed for the party.

By: Caroline Picard
Credits to: HouseBeautiful