How To Get Rid Of Furniture Before Moving Properties

When moving properties, you may find yourself in a smaller property or needing to get rid of some old furniture that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the new property. Doing a declutter and ridding your old home of any furniture is always a cleansing experience and one that you’ll want to do before moving.

The last thing you want is to move home with all of the old furniture, only to then chuck it out further down the line. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for getting rid of furniture before moving properties.

Sort through each room to assess the clutter

Firstly, it’s good to get an idea of just how much furniture you need to shift before moving day. For some households, it may be only one or two pieces that need selling but for others, it can end up being a lot more.

Going room by room is the best way to approach this, especially when you have an inkling that there’s going to be a lot of old furniture to get rid of. Create a list and go by each room, noting down all of the furniture you’d like to get rid of before moving out. 

You may want to colour code them depending on where you plan to sell them, whether you’re donating them, or if they simply need disposing of. 

Sell it through a consignment store

If you’re looking to make some money through furniture that’s probably needing a specialist touch, then it’s worth looking at a consignment store. Millwards Consignment is an example of this as they help owners sell furniture of all shapes and sizes. Consignment stores sell the furniture on behalf of the owner and take a percentage of the sale as their payment.

It’s a great option for those who don’t fancy doing the selling themselves and want to offload this responsibility for a small fee, to those who may even manage to get a better price for it. It’s worth exploring consignment stores for those who are busy and may not have time to get rid of old furniture as successfully as they’d like to.

Make use of Facebook groups and communities

When it comes to getting rid of furniture, a great place to explore is through Facebook groups and communities. Facebook, despite being overshadowed somewhat by other social media platforms, it’s still remained a popular platform for many.

More importantly, it’s become a selling platform in its own right, for both businesses and the everyday individual. You can find local communities in your area and wider networks for selling your wares online.

Make sure that you’re being detailed in your descriptions and ensuring that good quality photos have been taken in order to get the maximum exposure for your listings.

Give it away to family or friends

If you’re not that fussed about making any money off your old furniture, then you could always consider selling it to loved ones. From your family members to friends, there are often plenty of people who will want to take advantage of free or heavily discounted furniture.

Not having much luck selling the furniture? Reach out to your nearest and dearest to offer it to them instead. You’ve also got the option of reaching out to your neighbours if you know them well enough. Some may have groups on their Whatsapp or Facebook, specifically for their neighbours, so it’s worth giving away your furniture through these channels too.

Dispose of any broken furniture 

There will be some old furniture that despite your best efforts, you’re not able to sell or pass on to loved ones. Some items of furniture might have seen better days and are only suitable for scraping.

With that being said, if there is any furniture you might need to dispose of due to it being broken, make sure to do it properly. For stuff that can be recycled, make sure to take it to your local recycling point. Any others may need to go to your local landfill.

Leave it behind for new residents if desired

As a last-ditch attempt to get rid of furniture instead of disposing of it in the trash, consider the new residents who are moving in. It’s worth speaking to the new residents and offering any of the old furniture that they may want to hold onto. If they do, then it’s definitely worth leaving anything behind.

Getting rid of furniture is definitely something you’ll want to do before you end up moving properties so use these tips to help.