Make Your Lounge Cozy With These Tips

The weather is turning outside your window, which means that you want to make the inside of the house as comfortable and as cozy as possible. You deserve to feel warm this winter and it’s much harder to do that when your house isn’t prepared. Your lounge is the one place in the house that you can kick back and relax and the best thing that you can do for it is make sure that you create the ultimate, cozy space to enjoy. There are plenty of interior designers that are able to help you with your lounge, but we’ve got amazing tips to help you to get your lounge feeling comfortable this winter.

Making the most of your lounge depends on how warm it gets right now. You might choose to go ahead and redo the entire room (click here for new windows!), or you could choose to just relay the carpets and add rugs to the mix, too. To help you in your pursuit to create the best, coziest living room, you need to think about how to make the space as inviting as possible. Here’s some tips to help!

  1. Make sure that you work to keep the heat in the house. You want a cozy lounge and the fastest way to get that is to ensure that your living room is insulated well for the winter months. Start with the windows (you can replace these), and then move to the rest of the room. You want windows that fit the space, and that means that you should also have triple-glazing if you can manage it! You’ll keep the drafts at bay far more effectively this way!
  2. Rethink your colors! If you want a cozy space, light and airy colors won’t give you that. Instead, you need to think about a bolder color palette and go for navy blues and emerald greens. Think of contrasting your furniture in the right colors, too, like berry shades and deep yellows for something bright. Burnt oranges are also going to help you to create a cozy space to enjoy.
  3. Look at the light. You don’t have to go too big with your ceiling lights, as a cozy atmosphere starts with wall sconces and uplighters. When you dim the light a little, you can create a space with better ambience. While you’re considering the lighting in your home, don’t be surprised when you find that complementary lampshades to match the deeper colors work for you.
  4. Go metallic. Deep colors like emerald and navy work so well with coppers and silver. Think Slytherin and Ravenclaw: they are sumptuous and rich colors when you mix in the metals. If you balance it out with the right accessories, you can ensure that your home is cozy this winter. Plus, who doesn’t love a Harry Potter reference in their home!?
  5. Add fragrance. The winter is coming, so stick to the berry pot pourri and the scented candles that make you think of bonfires and Christmas. A big part of making the room cozy is in making it smell good. You can introduce the new season to your living room when you add fragrances that match. Go for rich scents that really warm up the space.
  6. Layers really help to make the space a cozy one. A soft touch blanket on the sofa and rugs on the floors will give your lounge an instant cozy feel. You can buy so many different things to layer the flooring, and this is the best way to make sure that your lounge remains a cozy place to be. If you have exposed floorboards, you can bet that you’ll feel it when the outside temperature drops.
  7. Textures. While we’re talking about adding rugs and blankets, did you know that you can layer these textures to create an added feeling of warmth? Cushions on fabric sofas along with large, oversized bean bags on the rugs can really help your lounge to feel warm. When the wind is blowing hard outside, knowing you are in the comfiest room of the home is going to be a game changer!
  8. Add some plants. Your cozy room doesn’t have to be stuffy, and when you add some dark green plants and flowers in deep colors, you can add some luxury to the cozy space you’re creating! Plants help to add oxygen and richness to the room, and if you add some large flowers, you’re going to really capture that feeling of opulence.