Updating Your Property’s Personality: Preparing for a Viewing

It is one of those things that is a given when you are trying to sell your home these days. Staging your home is about maximizing the assets of the property and reducing the floors. While you may think about decorating the spaces, this is merely scratching the surface of what you should do to present your property ready for a home viewing. There are so many things that need considering, from the lighting to the personality, and even the smell of the place. But let’s show you what you can do.

Boost Curb Appeal

Something that is constantly spoken about in real estate circles, but simply, it is about making your home look impressive from the outside. We have to remember that it takes approximately 8 seconds for someone to decide whether they are going to press ahead with a property, and this is all based on what they see as soon as they step outside your front door. We have to remember that curb appeal is essential because it is all about impressing people. While people might not like to admit that curb appeal is the deciding factor, if your home doesn’t have any, this can be a deal-breaker when it comes down to the wire. Maximizing the curb appeal is a very broad canvas. You can utilize home remodeling services to completely renovate and reinvigorate the exterior of the property, but you can also take advantage of small touches. For example, painting the front door and the window frames will give it a new lease of life and a burst of colour. There are even smaller touches you could add, such as a new doormat. We have to remember that curb appeal is about stimulating all the senses in the right way. So by making little touches, it can create a good impression in the mind of the potential buyer.

Clean the Property

It sounds very simple, but if you want to make the property appealing, you have to clean and then you have to clean again! Before any viewers come through the front door, the property needs to be spotless. But cleaning doesn’t just mean scrubbing the bathroom and the kitchen, you have got to go further. Cleaning the tiles, cleaning the windows, steaming the carpet, replacing shower curtains, and everything else in between is going to lift your property. You can even clean the exterior walls. Living in an area that is prone to a lot of adverse weather can result in dirt and mould build-up over time. Hiring a pressure washer will help you get rid of mould and grime quickly, giving you time to get to the tasks inside the home.

Neutralizing the Property

When selling up, you have to detach all semblance of personality from the property. This is about getting the balance just so. You have got to remember that the home is a product that you are advertising and so, by depersonalizing the space, it gives the potential buyer the opportunity to picture themselves there. This is your home where you have made lots of treasured memories, but it is now time to bring the property down to its bare essentials. If there are aspects of the property that are too close to your personality, this may put off a potential buyer. Neutralizing the rooms is about removing styles and aesthetics that are very “you,” but also do your best to gender neutralize the spaces. They need to appeal to everyone


It is something we hear so much about, but it is essential. You have to remember that each room has a certain amount of potential. Clutter only serves to make the space look smaller than it really is. Clutter also can give the impression that the property doesn’t have enough storage space. Not only will decluttering make packing easier when the time comes to move but getting the space ready for viewings now saves you a lot of work when you are genuinely leaving the property.

Create an Attractive Aroma

Sent is something that is linked to our emotions. And we can use this to our advantage when we are showing off the property. You need to avoid air fresheners because this can give off the impression that you’re trying to cover up a bad smell. You can make the property smell nicer by going for natural scents. The smell of freshly cut flowers or baking bread are two simple things that can help an individual go back to something simpler in their childhood. We have to remember that it is a fantastic way to make your home more attractive. You’re not just selling a property, but you are selling the potential for a new home that will create comfort for decades. And even if you cannot create natural smells, opening the windows and giving your home and airing well in advance can make a big difference.

Light Up the Space

Every corner needs to be maximized to its full potential. Lighting has a massive impact on the impression of your home. If there are too many dark spaces, this can turn a potential buyer in the other direction. You may live in a property that doesn’t have much natural light. But you can easily offset this by adding more light sources, but also take advantage of reflective techniques. Reflecting natural light into the space is a simple science that can reinvigorate a room. By adding a large mirror on one wall, it helps to make the space look bigger, and these little tricks can be a godsend, especially when there isn’t much space to play with.

Selling your home is not just about getting rid of the property as soon as possible, but it is about making sure that you are aware that the next person that comes to the property can very easily be turned off by simple mistakes. Every home has its own personality, and by taking advantage of a few of these tricks, you are helping the personality shine.