Buying a home checklist

Buying a new property can be a stressful time in your life. Remembering everything you require in your new home as well as the process you need to follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly can be overwhelming but with this guide you will be able to buy your new home with ease.

Preparing your current home

The best way to stay organised when packing up your current home is to label the boxes with each room and what is in them. This method allows your removal men to know exactly what room to place them in while you know what is in them when unpacking. Pack important items that you need to unpack first in the same boxes and put a note on the label that these are important. This will allow you to live with the main basics without traipsing through every box to find two plates, forks and a bar of soap. Wash down the skirting boards and door frames to make them pop when you walk into a room as this will give a good impression that the home is looked after because this is often the place where dust will sit. Investing in good storage boxes now could help protect your items on the move. In addition, it can be helpful for storing in your new home to keep you organised, so taken into consideration the colours of your storage items you purchase as these could compliment your interior design. 

Process of buying a home

When you are looking at properties it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Using companies such as Bellriver Homes will show you properties that you can filter to suit your requirements. Often it will take around six months to buy your potential home to move in. When you find the property you are after, check through the contract to ensure that the deeds are correct and meet your requirements, this will avoid any mishaps later on. Before you settle for the property it is a good idea to make relevant conveyancing checks that are worrying you to ensure that everything is up to standard. 

When you have found a property

Once you pay any stamp duty land tax and register your ownership with the land registry it is time to meet your estate agent to collect the keys. Getting comfortable in your new property and making it a home takes time but it will be worth it. Open those boxes that are important for daily living first so you can eat and keep up good hygiene whilst you start the unpacking process. 

Start by giving everything a wipe down with anti bacterial spray to ensure it is safe for you and your family whilst giving your new home a fresh new look. It’s nice to have a clean canvas to move your items into. 

It is easy to forget to let banks, building societies and credit card companies know your new address so do this early so it is done.